Robot with Abagy adaptive welding system

The welding cell consists of a stationary Fanuc M710iC/12L welding robot and two working areas with welding tables. Set of welding equipment - EWM Phoenix.

The system is distinguished by the fact that it has an integrated ABAGY package of additional peripheral equipment (3D scanner, additional controller, etc.), which allows you to work with adaptive software. ABAGY software allows you to forget about the complex programming of welding robots and adapt the robot even for welding one-of-a-kind products! For this, you just need to have a 3D model of the product, upload it to the software and choose the welds and parameters. Further work will be carried out by Abagy with the help of a robot.

Contact us for more information about the revolutionary product, with the help of which robots compete not with robots, but with welders!

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