HSG TS2 tube laser

The TS2 is a new, more cost-effective variant of the premium TS65, which maintains the high standards of tube machining with an almost analogous design, but at a much more affordable price. The perfect choice!

Key features of the model:

  • Cutting diameters from 20mm to 240mm (round and square);
  • Maximum pipe weight 200kg;
  • 3000W source (1500W or 6000W options available);
  • Acceleration 1.0G;
  • Turning speed up to 100m/min;
  • "Follow-up system for pipe workpieces up to 3m long;
  • 4 video cameras allow the operator to monitor the entire process at the control panel.

Installed in Lithuania. The company will produce its own standard products and provide pipe cutting services.


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