FORSTER welding tables and equipment

Forster Welding SystemsGmbH has been producing welding tables and special equipment for the production of various structures for over 30 years. In the list of products offered you will find a number of standard welding tables of different sizes and surfaces, special welding tables on rails for the production of large structures, lifted and swivel tables. Fixtures for frame welding and special fixtures for welding railings and fences.

Using Forster T-slot system, you will be able to make continious positioning of all clamping elements and stops at any point of the table, which poses a great advantage and is especially useful for producing cases and frames.

The main advantages of using FORSTER welding tables are:

·       Increase in production productivity from 30% to 600%;

·       Increase in product quality;

·       Easy application for welding of different products;

·       Special surfaces;

·      Quick return on investment.

FORSTER welding tables and equipment

Welding fixtures for railings and fences

FORSTER fixtures for the production of railings, fencing segments has earned great recognition worldwide and is well known in the Baltic States


Tools for welding tables

There is a few types of welding tools: stops and clamping elements. It fully allows  to reveal all welds...


Frame welding fixtures

Frame welding fixtures are quick, easy and precise assembly for welding square frames in a convenient and correct position.


Special positioning tables

Non-standard welding positioners, conductors and welding mechanization


3D modular welding tables

Forster welding tables with modular system increase welder productivity up to 200%, allow to achieve high product accuracy, suitable for serial...


Welding tables on rails

Welding tables with a floor rail system are a solution for companies producing large weight constructions. Welding table...


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