Industrial robotics FANUC and KAWASAKI

Rapidly growing requirements for quality and low costs bring the need to invest in new technologies. This means that our company offers welding robots and industrial cells, that ensure high quality of the produced elements, which increase performance and cost reduction.

Robotization of welding, CNC processing or palletizing, due to many advantages should soon become a standard in many production areas. As a provider of innovative solutions every project we implement must meet the expectations of our clients. We ensure that the industrial solutions we offer will achieve customer goals.

We design robotic cells in our way so that they are as adapted as possible to the conditions in the customer's company. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the services of our company and receive the most opportune offer that will match with your expectations.

The main benefits of integrating robotized systems are:

·       Repeatability of production;

·       Increase in production performance;

·       Increase in product quality;

·       Reduction of production costs;

·       Precision of carried operations;

·       Improving workplace safety;

·       Quick payback of investment.

Industrial robotics FANUC and KAWASAKI

Welding robots, cells and lines

We offer MIG/MAG, TIG, laser, contact welding robots and cells with combined technologies (e.g. MIG + TIG with automatic too...


Cutting robots, cells and lines

Industrial robots are used in complex cutting processes. With plasma, gas, laser, hydroabrasive or mechanical...


Robotized CNC service

Robotized CNC machine tool service allows you to perform standart transfer operations (loading and unloading of machine tools) with precision...


Know-how robotization tasks

We have gained huge experience in non-standard robotics projects such as: performing extremely fast operations using image recognition...


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