HSG Metal Cutting Lasers

HSG Laser has more than 180 R&D personnel who always focus on professional laser cutting machines and basic spare parts. The manufacturer has developed industry-leading 3D five-axis cutting technology, P10 high power smart cutting head,

AD1835 independent capacity modulators as well as high-quality software systems such as alpha T bus system HSG-XMT multi-touch operating system. In addition, HSG Laser has applied for almost 500 patents in China.

HSG Metal Cutting Lasers

HSG laser cutting CNC machine sheets

Professional, fully enclosed HSG laser with interchangeable tables with maximum cutting dimensions up to 3000x1500 mm sheets...


HSG laser nail cutting machine

Professional HSG lasers with closed cutting area, ultra-fast cutting lasers and 3D cutting technology...


HSG Combined Type Cutting Lasers

Professional HSG laser with combined cutting area. Combined cutting system allows cutting...


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Vilnius, Lithuania.

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