HSG T2 Three-chuck tube cutting machine

The EuroWeld Group team is delighted to have successfully completed all the bending and deburring work with the delivery of the HSG T2 pipe and profile cutting machine. The right choice of model will allow our customer to reduce the number of operations, increase precision, reduce the lead time by several times and at the same time reduce the cost of production.

Highlights of the HSG T2 tube laser:

  • 6000W laser source;
  • Cutting round pipe 20-240mm;
  • Cutting square pipe 20x20-240x240mm;
  • Three grippers, ensuring zero-waste operation;
  • Maximum pipe weight up to 300kg;
  • Loading up to 7000mm, unloading up to 6000mm.

The customer has purchased an HSG 12000W sheet cutting laser together with a tube laser.

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