HSG TS65 pipe cutting laser

The HSG TS65III is a premium model for high performance and precision cutting. Installation and calibration of the equipment, training of the client's operators.

Key features of the project and the model:

  • Cutting diameters from 16mm to 254mm;
  • Pipe weight up to 200kg;
  • Digital clamps with high speed and precision;
  • Automatic pipe loading system;
  • A special landing mechanism to keep the pipes on their trajectory during the rotation (follow-up system);
  • Additional supports to support the pipes between the grippers (follow-up system);
  • 3000W power supply, air cutting up to 3mm;
  • Seam detection option;
  • Tools for cutting profiles (L, U, H);
  • Cutting of non-standard pipe shapes;
  • Dust extraction equipment.

The equipment is installed in Jelgava, Latvia.

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